North Metro Atlanta's Best Kept Secret

Parks & Pools

GREAT FESTIVAL PARK  A 40-acre Swim and Activity Center 

  • Playground
  • Bathhouse with Locker Rooms
  • Great Lawn with 5-acre multi-activity Park, Outdoor Picnic Pavilion,  Post Office

RED CLOUD PARK  The community’s original swim and tennis center is a popular gathering place within Lake Arrowhead. Red Cloud Park was totally renovated a few years ago and features…

  • Oversized Arrowhead-Shaped Pool
  • Spacious Deck Area
  • Gazebo with picnic tables
  • Locker Room/Restroom Facilities
  • Lighted Courts (Six Tennis & Four Pickleball)




Article V Swimming Pool Rules

​1. Attire

Homeowners and guests should dress in attire befitting the family nature of our Community. Extremely revealing attire, such as a thong bathing suit, is not suitable for the family atmosphere of the pool.

​2. Authority

These rules and regulations are designed to ensure the enjoyment and safety of swimmers. Parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s safety. LAYCC and its designated representatives shall have the authority to remove anyone from the pool area that is not abiding by the rules. LAYCC reserves the right to deny access to the pools to anyone for any reason at any point in time.

​3. Balls and Recreational Objects

Balls: The throwing of tennis or other “hard” balls and Frisbees is prohibited. Squishy balls designed for pool usage are allowed. Large Rafts and flotation devices are prohibited; small flotation devices that do not obstruct the view of the pool bottom are allowed. Noodles and flotation devices designed for young children unable to swim are permitted.

​4. Children

Parents/Guardians must insure that infants and children using the pools do not have a diarrheal illness Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult (15 years of age or older). Children ages 13-15 years of age do not qualify as an adult, and may swim unaccompanied but may not supervise younger children. Non-potty trained children must wear plastic, water-tight pants in addition to swim diapers. All children must be taken to the restroom to “potty.” Changing diapers in the pool area is a violation of the Health Code. Children requiring flotation devices to assist in swimming are not allowed in the deep end of the pool unless accompanied by an adult. Lifeguards may exclude anyone from the deep water who has not demonstrated sufficient ability to swim.

​5. Contamination

Any Homeowner or invited guest found contaminating the pool is subject to a fine and/or suspension of amenity privileges.

Each individual should shower and rinse thoroughly before using the pools No Food or Drink are allowed within 5 feet of the pool Bathers with open wounds, skin conditions or any communicable condition are not allowed There is to be no spitting, “spouting,” or blowing of noses in the pool

​6. Food and Beverages

Homeowners and their invited guests should remove all food and dispose of any food related trash upon leaving the pool The sale of food or beverages in any form is prohibited unless approved in writing in advance by LAYCC No gum is allowed in the pool area.

​7. Furniture

No pool furniture shall be removed from the pool area. Pool furniture shall not be “reserved” for anyone not in the pool area. Towels shall be placed on pool furniture when in use.

​8. Gates

Pool gates must remain closed and latched at all times.

​9. Glass and Sharp Objects

There are to be no glass containers, sharp objects, or other hazardous materials in the pool area.

​10. Guest Policy

Each Lot Owner may bring up to five (5) accompanied guests to use the swimming pool at any one time. Guest fees apply as published. Unaccompanied guests are not permitted. Owners with guests must register with the attendant upon arrival, if any attendant is present.

11. Hours of Operation

Swimming or sunbathing is permitted only during operating hours. Swimming pool hours of operation will vary seasonally, and a complete schedule of operating hours will always be available at the Clubhouse and will be posted at the pool facility.

12. Identification

All Owners shall carry and have access to identification at all times while in the pool area. Periodic checks may be performed by LAYCC staff to ensure pool usage is restricted to Owners and their guests only. Pool passes for guests in short-term rentals may be obtained in advance from LAYCC by homeowners in good standing.

​13. Lifeguards

No one is permitted on the lifeguard stands except the lifeguards. Lifeguards have the authority to give a swim test to any individual at any time, and to restrict the activity or area by the individual as a result of the test.

​14. Loitering

Loitering will not be permitted on the pool grounds.

​15. Mechanical and Storage Areas

Employees and designated agents of the LAYCC are the only persons allowed access to the guard room, storage closets, mechanical and pump rooms, and attic.

16. Pets and Service Animals

No pets are allowed in the pool area. Registered service animals are allowed.

​17. Profanity

Lake Arrowhead Yacht & Country Club

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    Waleska, GA 30183
    Phone: 770.721.7900